I Wore an Abaya to Town

Last Friday when I got the dramatic email from Mr. Tall that because I am not Muslim he can not love me or like me I decided to pull out my very own abaya the islamic dress from my closet. I own one. I wanted to feel close to this religion that I have felt drawn to for a long time. I dressed carefully and left for the mall. People didn’t stare of make me feel strange. I was just a tall woman dressed in back from head to toe. I wondered what Mr. Tall would have thought had he seen me. I came home and hung my dress in the closet. I am so open to other cultures, yet I often get pushed aside as if I am not good enough to be a part of a family or a accepted. I have been married to a Hindu for 18 years and I have dealt with being the American at the table, but I still try and I still try to find my way in this world. I just wanted to share on some of my real life drama.Image


Welcome to My Psychic Blog

Hi my name is Margo and I would like to welcome you to my psychic blog. I know a lot of you may not believe in Psychic abilities, but did you know we are all born with them? Each one of us has an inner knowing that we often do not trust.

I have always been interested in Psychic abilities and psychic stuff. When I was a little girl I often felt surrounded by angels and was over come with emotion easily. I didn’t know then I was picking up on other’s feelings and carrying around as my own. It was very hard for most of my life  until I began to learn more about empathy and psychic skills.

I began working on a few psychic lines only to hear that I was being “Too nice.” and to try to keep clients on the phone longer so the companies could benefit. It truly upset me because when answers come from Spirit sometimes they come very fast and I was honest even though I need to make money myself. 

I decided to try to work on my own because I can’t cry over another “Boss” telling me to “Just make up something.” 

So here I am and I look forward to talking to you. I am a real person and my motto is I want to be better than a best friend, meaning I really care what you are concerns are.

I look forward to reading with you,


What Happened To The Guy With The Surfboard?

He came on to me

and he looked like Justin Timberlake

he called me and texted

and swore he was falling in love

when I would not show him

my birthday suit 

he decided

to fly the coop

it’s really sad

he was cute

with his surfboard and saying

“I’m falling for you…”

I get the lines all the time

it is so sad he could not be mine

what happened to the guy with the surfboard?

Does he miss me too?

Rich boy sits in his room

he looks at me on the screen

he has ideas in his head about

what he could see and I say no

he tells me that I will never see him


I don’t shudder

It hurts though because for

four days he has been

texting me and saying

he misses me

I take a deep breath

I am about to be deleted

because the rich boy 

has tired of me..Image

For me, I find I want to talk to men. I never had that attention as a teenager. I was a chubby girl and back in the 80’s that was looked at as almost a defect. I am so glad now that women are told to love themselves. I preach this  myself. LOVE YOU NOW…

Anyway, after my hysterectomy so many things changed. I started to love my body and I began to find myself. I realized I liked to dress up. I realized I loved Glamour and fashion. I looked to my idols Liz and Marilyn and I began to  model for my facebook and the (pen pal site also known as WACKY TOWN). 

I find I need to flirt, but flirting is also born out of insecurity. One would flirt if they were looking for attention and praise which would mean that it was missing from home.

I wish I had a guy who would say “God you are pretty, come here sit on my lap a minute.”


I know you can hear the music playing softly.Image

Another Day in Paradise

Sitting here watching Days of Our Lives, I just finished some chinese noodles and trying to chill. I miss blogging very much. I still don’t know the right way to blog. Should I be personal or fake? That is my question. I also think I will delete my other blogs and just write here. I will break down some stuff into chapters…


1. My Hair- My hair is stressing me out so bad and I am sure the stress is making it worse. I keep looking back to all the times I cut my hair on auto pilot. I read somewhere that impulsive hair cutting could also be looked at as self harm. I don’t know. All I know is I have often cut my hair just to get rid of stress and try to have a new look. It is very short now and dry. I have been wearing a lot of wigs. I love wigs. I don’t care that  even if I had the best hair on this planet I would be out playing with wigs. I have inspired a few other ladies to dress up as well.


2.My love life- Well, my sweet one came back to me, but he does not go overboard in the communication. He doesn’t say I love you so much like he used to. I wish he would and all I can do is pray that if he ever loved me he still does. This may once again sound selfish since I am married. My husband was texting his trainer telling her his minute by minute whereabouts claiming that because he runs late at times he needed her to wait for him to get his money’s worth.I was so upset and we fought for 2 days and of course he threw it up at me that I had gone to Morrocco.

3.Friendships- My friend Kat came and we had such fun on her ten day stay with me. I miss her so bad because I never have anyone to hang out with. We went to five movies, had a few doughnuts, did tarot cards and just had a blast.

4. Me- Well, I am just trying to figure out how to get along in life. I wonder about love if my marriage will be okay. Do I really love my special guy? Do I know what love is..Should I stay with my husband and hope he never acts like a bully again or what ? WIll I make any money? Can I ever finish a book without falling asleep? Everytime I try to write I find myself sleepy as a baby being sung to by its mama.

Visualizing what you want

Sometimes when we try to daydream we pull out of it suddenly. We think that it was a silly idea even though we were smiling when we opened our eyes.

If you visualize what you would like to happen in your life with enough feeling in a way you are a writing a script for what you want in your life.

The first thing is to stop the negative self talk. Don’t be telling yourself that visualizing is silly or a waste of time. You don’t have to tell yourself anything.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Imagine that what you would is before you and feel the feelings you would feel if this was taking place. It is very important you feel whatever emotions that come to the surface. 

An example : You haven’t seen someone you love in a long time. Imagine you run into him or her. What it feel like. Imagine this scene everyday for five minutes. Ask your angels to help bring you this daydream and see what unfolds!!!

This would work the same on a new house, car or job just visualize all you can as if you are living in that moment.


If you changed religions could you give up your psychic interests?

The other day I really wanted to change religions. I wanted to convert to Islam because I have always been interested in that religion. I read they “DON’T ALLOW” such things as fortune telling etc. I thought to myself I would be unhappy if I couldn’t read tarot cards or daydream about the future and giggle over the phone giving psychic readings for my friends.What are your ideas on this ? MargoImagep

Changing yet again

I am sitting in front of the air conditioner, I have orange-ish blonde hair let us call it strawberry blonde.I have done this before so I am not in shock it looks alright…I had a weight watchers frozen omelet for breakfast.I don’t have much to say and I think I about deleting my blog. I need a private life or  make another blog and use fake names ..I mean even more fake names. yesterday was a bad day. Mr. Tall may be out of my life. He hurt my feelings I was chatting to him on skype when he types “You need to grow the f up.” This was just because I had called him and he was ignoring my calls which is his protocol.I was emotionally drained and told him off. I went to the movies, but I kept thinking how can someone you are so kind to talk so bad to you? I went to the bathroom and stood against the bathroom stall and cried. I wasn’t really crying over Mr. Tall. I was crying because I miss Mr. Morrocco. He was tender and nice and I am afraid maybe I will never see him again. I was hurt also because every time I told my teen to stop texting in the movie she said “Shut up.” I told her “Don’t say that.” Because sadly I can’t get a switch to her behind like we got in Kentucky.So there I was in the bathroom. I put my video on of Mr. Morrocco saying Hi to me on the beach and I cried some more. I shoved my phone in my bag and washed my face and walked back into the dark theatre. I came home and I guess I called Liz and I tried to do a psychic call, but every thing I told the person he was like “No, nothing like that…” I went to bed and had a dream that this cute Turkish Guy I know from a social net work had a white Limo and he kissed me, he told me we would go out. I saw him kiss another girl who had befriended me in the dream. I ran to look for my husband for comfort and he says “I cheated on you.” I woke up then just like in a movie. Now, I have to go and wash the dishes and try to deal with my hair its very short and Its okay with me, just wish I was 100 pounds thinner right now but shall discuss that in my other blog ! I welcome friendship.


She bangs (Pots and pans)

I am thinking of that Ricky Martin song she bangs and I have to sorta laugh because he didn’t really want to bang girls. I am also thinking about what I bang is dishes and not enough banging as in washing sadly…I hate to do housework, I will admit it. I am no snow white with the broom and dust pan I would rather be in some tropical location for sure. I need to get up and start taking the girls to the pool. My eyes are so dry and I know this is not my diary it is a blog which is a hobby I believe or a way to express ones thoughts etc. Who wants to read everything I write? I know I can’t sit around and read all day. I am trying to think of things to say but to whom. Dear Prince, do you read me? I miss you in my life.

She bangs , she bangs… then what did the song say I can’t remember! Alas, it is Friday darlings. A day to rejoice isn’t it. I will take the kids to the pool and go get myself a diet coke and try to relax. You may say relax from what do the dishes girl! Later, my loves, later…Imagehous