What Happened To The Guy With The Surfboard?

He came on to me

and he looked like Justin Timberlake

he called me and texted

and swore he was falling in love

when I would not show him

my birthday suit 

he decided

to fly the coop

it’s really sad

he was cute

with his surfboard and saying

“I’m falling for you…”

I get the lines all the time

it is so sad he could not be mine

what happened to the guy with the surfboard?

Does he miss me too?


Visualizing what you want

Sometimes when we try to daydream we pull out of it suddenly. We think that it was a silly idea even though we were smiling when we opened our eyes.

If you visualize what you would like to happen in your life with enough feeling in a way you are a writing a script for what you want in your life.

The first thing is to stop the negative self talk. Don’t be telling yourself that visualizing is silly or a waste of time. You don’t have to tell yourself anything.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Imagine that what you would is before you and feel the feelings you would feel if this was taking place. It is very important you feel whatever emotions that come to the surface. 

An example : You haven’t seen someone you love in a long time. Imagine you run into him or her. What it feel like. Imagine this scene everyday for five minutes. Ask your angels to help bring you this daydream and see what unfolds!!!

This would work the same on a new house, car or job just visualize all you can as if you are living in that moment.


Big Time Medium makes me feel very small

I recently was read by a well known psychic medium. I asked him if Mr. Tall or Mr. Morrocco ever loved me or if there would ever be any kind of reunion. He said that No neither loved me. He made Mr. Tall sound like a dangerous cat burgular and Mr. Morrocco as a playboy with women hanging around his neck. I cried when I heard about Mr. Morrocco the well known psychic of celebs said “He even has a woman right now.” Why would any psychic want to hurt someone this way. I am about to throw my tarot cards away. I welcome comments. MargoImage

I haven’t felt psychic lately

I haven’t felt psychic lately. I don’t know where my “ABILITY” has gone. On the psychic lines I work for no one is really calling which isn’t helping me either.

Ebay, no one is buying readings, I do n’t know where everyone has gone. I haven’t given up my hopes of one day being a psychic. I know if you read books it helps, but being psychic is something they say that you either are or you are not and they also have said (EVERYONE IS!) So, where is my abilities?

I sit with my pendulum and ask away. Lately, I have been frustrated because it says people love me who are being total jerks to me. CAN I TRUST THE PENDULUM? How can it be correct if in real life the people I am asking about are just totally mean to me?

I am needing advice here girls 🙂 Can’t wait to get it ! MargoImage

Mara A new chapter (I forget which one)

When I felt the baby move inside me I ran to the ocean and I thought maybe I should throw myself in. I thought maybe I should let my body just go to the sharks because I was not a good person. I had had a few abortions in my life. I had always been  talked out of my babies.”It will ruin your career.” Someone would say and then I would be taken to a secret location. I would be given pills to calm down and then it would all be over. I would bleed a few days and nine months later no baby. I didn’t think I wanted a baby.Alexander knew I was expecting and I demanded to go to a doctor.

“Do you want this baby Mara?” He is sitting beside me on the beach and his hair is a mess and long he needs a haircut we live like hermits.

“I don’t know.” I say and I want to blame him for not taking precautions.I tell him that I want to try to have this baby.

His face lights up then and we walk back to the house. I don’t feel like I am in a movie anymore. I have started feeling real and it scares me and delights me.

I try not  to think of Hollywood. I was not sober half the time I was acting. I begin to get angry for all the people who used me like a doll. “You are so beautiful.” They would say and millions of photos would be taken of me. I would hear people talk bad about me more than they would talk good.

I start to think Alex saved my life by faking my death. I feel the baby move again and I pray that she survives. I know she is a girl. She has to be a girl. I tell myself I will not go mad like my mother and that I will take care of her and tell her how once Mommy wore a pink dress and sang in front of the President of The United States.

I have nightmares. I am always afraid I will wake up and see blood because I have miscarried before.

“Alex we have to get married.” I tell him.

“Why?” He asks me.

“Well, if I marry you I can’t ever testify against you right?”


Could we

Could we be a couple

is it too weird to even think

could we be like in love or in like

or is this way outta hand?

Do we have any feelings 

that you just won’t admit

do you still love me

or am I like money you already 


DO you miss me

and push me away

are you waiting for someone

to come take me away?

Could we be in love again

I wish I could ask you,

but you are too busy

just being you.Imageew 

Pendulum discussions

I made a pendulum and I sit there on the bed asking questions. My questions don’t vary much usually about love.I guess you can’t make a pendulum more exciting. I ordered a new pendulum from ebay. I had a small one and lost it. I want to study more about this as it is fascinating. You are not moving your arm and it starts to swing back and forth it is very exciting to me every time. I guess I am a nerd in this metaphysical stuff but I just get a thrill from so many things in life and maybe that is the way it should be 🙂

Changing yet again

I am sitting in front of the air conditioner, I have orange-ish blonde hair let us call it strawberry blonde.I have done this before so I am not in shock it looks alright…I had a weight watchers frozen omelet for breakfast.I don’t have much to say and I think I about deleting my blog. I need a private life or  make another blog and use fake names ..I mean even more fake names. yesterday was a bad day. Mr. Tall may be out of my life. He hurt my feelings I was chatting to him on skype when he types “You need to grow the f up.” This was just because I had called him and he was ignoring my calls which is his protocol.I was emotionally drained and told him off. I went to the movies, but I kept thinking how can someone you are so kind to talk so bad to you? I went to the bathroom and stood against the bathroom stall and cried. I wasn’t really crying over Mr. Tall. I was crying because I miss Mr. Morrocco. He was tender and nice and I am afraid maybe I will never see him again. I was hurt also because every time I told my teen to stop texting in the movie she said “Shut up.” I told her “Don’t say that.” Because sadly I can’t get a switch to her behind like we got in Kentucky.So there I was in the bathroom. I put my video on of Mr. Morrocco saying Hi to me on the beach and I cried some more. I shoved my phone in my bag and washed my face and walked back into the dark theatre. I came home and I guess I called Liz and I tried to do a psychic call, but every thing I told the person he was like “No, nothing like that…” I went to bed and had a dream that this cute Turkish Guy I know from a social net work had a white Limo and he kissed me, he told me we would go out. I saw him kiss another girl who had befriended me in the dream. I ran to look for my husband for comfort and he says “I cheated on you.” I woke up then just like in a movie. Now, I have to go and wash the dishes and try to deal with my hair its very short and Its okay with me, just wish I was 100 pounds thinner right now but shall discuss that in my other blog ! I welcome friendship.


Is it cool to call in the Spirit Guides?

Since I have been reading about psychic ability I found that the term Sprit guides …a spirit guide is a “guide” that came with you since birth to help you out on the earthly plane.I would like to think of Spirit guides as the same thing as my guardian angel.What is the difference between our intuition and a Spirit guide then? UGH…We could go on and on guys. Call it What you will, it’s that Inner knowing that helps us out on a day to day basis. So all  this, the spirit guides, gaurdian angels all are part of you and Intuition.

So, is it cool for us to sit around with our eyes closed asking for help? Sure it is.You can call on GOD alone if you feel it strange to ask angels for guidance. I keep reading that many people disagree we should ask the angels for help because someone wrote it “is wrong to ask from help from the angels as God is the creator.” So whatever religion you have, what ever ideas you have, just go with what feels best.  the main thing is to go sit somewhere quite and breathe in and out and let your mind empty. When you let go of though that is when the information should start coming.

You can close your eyes and imagine you go into this beautiful room and in this room you will meet your guide who has known you since birth. What will he or she look like? What will they say? It will be a happy reunion, don’t be afraid. Once you acknowledge your guide or guides they will be more open in helping you out.

You are not fooling yourself when you tell yourself you have a guide that is helping you.We all have heard of guardian angels right? So, just feel better knowing you are not alone.You don’t have to tell yourself you are losing it if you start to believe in the energies that are here to help us. Since I started acknowledging my psychic gifts I often go back and fourth with this convo…

“AM I Weird?” 

“NO You are gifted…”



I think it is cool to believe in something besides just technology and sales at the mall.