Romance for The weekend (Waking the Daisies) By Me

Sylvia was minding her own bees wax when she heard a man call her name. She was startled because she was not expecting anyone on a Sunday afternoon to be looking for her anywhere. She turned around and a tall man with blonde hair smiled at her. She didn’t like guys with blonde hair or guys who smiled for no reason. “Yes?” She asked him standing close to an old oak tree in the park near her house.

“Hi, My name is Derrick Rynestine and I am here about the job offer…” He smiled and handed her some paperwork.

“Oh, for the the kid’s music teacher at my father’s school…” She remembered now that she was the contact person for this position.

She pointed over o the old park bench with the peeling white paint. “We can sit over there and I can look at everything.” She blushed because that sounded so…His blue eyes brightened he was cheerful enough.

“I love kids and I love music I taught for two years over in Blue field.” He pointed at the part of the application that mentioned his last job. For a moment she was angry at her father for leaving these kind of jobs on her to tend to, but he was getting older and she had volunteered. He loved his little private school and She read his resume carefully.

“Well, of course my father would have to be the one in the end to say yes or no, Mr.” She had already forgotten his name.

“Derrick.” He reminded her.

“Okay,Derrick,well my father would love to look at this I will take it to him and give you a good word or two…” She stood up and he shook her hand. He thought she was very beautiful with pale auburn hair and green eyes she looked like a forest Imp out here under the trees.

They said goodbye and she wanted to cry she was drained suddenly. Often she could pick up other people’s feelings and he was putting out feelings of hope and of wanting. Did he want her? She shook her head, of course not he must be craving a cheese burger for lunch! She took her black satchel bag and began the short walk back to her apartment.

Her father was in his wheel chair and the nurse was laughing with him. He was forever the flirt. He smiled when he saw his beautiful daughter so much like a ghost of her beautiful mother.

“Ah you brought me something? Cinnamon rolls?” He asked hopefully.

“No, a resume.” She handed it her father and he waves his hand. “As long as they don’t eat kids, just hire them.” He was in a rush to find a music teacher because soon classes would begin.

“I think he would do a good job he is very qualified.” She took the paperwork upstairs and sat down on the bed. She wanted to sleep. It seemed she was always tired there was no much to look forward to anymore she was 40 and recently divorced her two teenage sons were with their father, why did it seemed all the years of loving them had been only for their father to take them away to his new “Love” Pad. She felt more like a teenager again forced to live with her father. It was a hell. She laughed..because her father showered her with a lot of love.

She picked up her cell phone and called Derrick. “It’s good news, my father said yes. I need to talk to you about everything and get you ready for school there is some days you must prepare your classroom.” 

“That’s great news!” He told her and she falls back on her bed and thinks of the tall man with the blue eyes.

The next day in the coffee shop she gives him papers and a pen to sign all the paperwork. She keeps looking at his hands long fingers that play the piano very well. He is handsome and brilliant and the sun shines on him like a greek God.

“You know I can play all the recent hip hop songs.” He takes a sip of coffee.

“I don’t think my dad would go for that, he’s more old school.” She pushes her coffee away she prefers soda.

“Well, Maybe I can mention it to him, is your dad easy going?” His eyes are hopeful.

“No.” She smiles at him. “He’s pretty boring to be honest.”

“How do you survive that? You seem so vibrant.” He is flirting she can feel it. There is some kind of vibe between them.

“I am okay.” She pushes her hair away from her face revealing an adorable neck he would love to nuzzle


TO be continuedImage



You hold back

away from the boys

you are a man

you have seen things

like I have

I don’t want to know everything

it may hurt me

You are bitter

and I want to put sugar on your


and let you taste the

sweetness of my being

You stay away from me


and I want to patch your 

heart with pink and blue ribbons

I want to know you more than

I want the lottery ticket to be 

a winner for me

out of millions I met you

but never knew you yet

Don’t hold back

I can be a friend to you

a real one, if only

you don’t hold back,

Tell me about everything

and I will listen

because I have been here

a long time waiting…

I am not paper I am a soul

drifting like old autumn leaves

but I am ageless

come with me

taste the sugar that is me

you will smileImage

Texting Mr. Tall

Well, in my sleepy state this morning I took my phone and decided to text Mr. Tall he doesn’t deserve it of course,I wish I had all the texts and e cards he has I was like “Hey sweety” then I laughed out loud and went back to sleep of course there will be no response or he will remind me of his imaginary girlfriend, but for a moment I was highly entertained.:)M

I hope some day my prince will come

I am trying my best to believe that someday something magical will happen, I believe it has to! I am doing readings for ladies and so many of us go through the same thing a guy comes in and leaves as if we are are garbage. Why do they do this? I am not going to try to figure this out because I have other things to do besides study the Male brain. I am not going to be bitter or believe that this is the end of the road for me in love and passion. I sleep with my husband at night we don’t hug I just roll over to my own universe in my own blanket and start to dream. I miss having someone to hug, tickle and kiss who won’t say “I’m Tired….” But. I am here and he doesn’t run off like these young men who swear they love the goddess that is me (LOL). I am trying to get back into self improvement that is what one does again and again after the constant dismissals because no matter what you gotta love yourself honey ! Image

The smell of the church

I was just thinking about what church used to smell like. It smelled like cakes baked long ago, and of furniture polish that had polished the wooden benches where everyone had sat and prayed.It smelled old and god like and there was some moisture in the church maybe someone had let the window be cracked open for a while.I would wander around the few times I was there shaking elderly ladies hands they would look at me and at my granny and say “Ah how pretty she is.” Granny could walk then she was tall and thin and elegant her black hair in a tight bun she was my angel.I would go and sit with my cousins and whisper about boys and we would giggle my mom would turn around and glare at me. I would have a purse full of pens and a notepad I would play Tic tac toe with someone and then I would start to hear about how every one would go to hell if they didn’t straighten up. The preacher would throw the bible down then pick it up and wipe his forehead with a his hankerchief. I believed in God in that little Kentucky church when we walked home the smell of Honey suckle would be so beautiful but the smell of the church was quite unique too as much apart of it as God was.Image

I want to know you

I want to know you

watch you

follow you through the feilds

I want to listen to your stories

I want to know you in the real

I want to lay on the grass and look up at stars

and listen to you talk about when you were a child

I want to touch your heart and

make you think about me

whenever we are apart

I want to know you

and share secrets

and never say goodbye

I want to know you and love you

and bake you apple pies

I want so many things 

to share a sunset and sunrise

I want to know you more than your


and more than why you said goodbye…..

Give me one of them God

Dear God

Of all the men I ever loved

give me one of them that 

can love me back, not be mean to me

not treat me like a child or a pet or an after thought

give me someone who loves me for me

the dreamer

the girl who refuses to be an old hag

Give me a man God not a boy

Why did I ever start talking to 20 somethings?
Because I am young at heart ..

I wish a man would come along

and say “Margo, you Know what?”
I would say “What” Impatiently

“I won’t tell you I love I love you

right now, but I don’t want you to go away…”
I would smile and try to kiss him ,

I always want to kiss and he would bite

my lower lip,

He would not be perfect either,

But I would love him because

he wanted to hang around me for whatever

reason and I know I could make him

so happy …..

I would lay with him and play with him

and tell him he was the best one

the only one, Give me one


What if people knew the truth that I don’t read that much?

I wish I could enjoy reading why am I so fidgety? Why can’t I concentrate, soak things in find vast amounts of info become a genius? Why do I jump from place to place, I want to be psychic, I want to write poetry, I want to find old boyfriends and pick their brains. Why can’t I read many, many books and people’s blogs? I am sitting here with much to think about. I am thinking about how I have contacted one of my first loves and if he thinks I am a pesty blood sucking mosquito or if he thinks I am cool and wishes he could play checkers with me and drink Turkish coffee. I am thinking if I will ever be a strong psychic and “know things.”I could think till the sun went down forever, but I don’t like to read much and it bothers me a lot.I will try to read more. I love to read but its on my terms 🙂 LOL.


Mr. Morocco isn’t Talking

I should not care if Fouad isn’t talking to me. I imagine he is in his richly decorated with tiles apartment being served kebabs and not caring about the woman whom he professed to love online and a week in real life. I am disappointed in him, because he almost lasted a whole year. He would say, “I swear to God I love you Margo.” And sometimes I believed it. I held his hand in Casablanca he was on the plane with me, how could it suddenly be this way that he lost interest in me. I didn’t want to marry him. I couldn’t feel myself 100 percent when I day dreamed of Fouad. He was gorgeous though and I am trying my best not to cry again because those 10 days he was missing I cried so much. Now, I have lost track of the days now since he lost talked to me, it may be 2 weeks now. It doesn’t matter. I don’t think he is coming back. I don’t know if guys online lie, I don’t know if all guys lie, I never dated I was just married I am new to this in a way but now is the 8th or 9th time I have been hurt when all I was looking for was someone non judgemental to love.



I walk into a room

and roses are in bloom

everything is magical the

music is a flute

you walk in and my heart melts

is this what I once felt

when I was young and innocent

You smile at me with eyes

that never knew my name

I put my fingers to your face and feel

the skin…

a real life diamond

the roses are pink and smells so

sweet you stand near me

and whisper


The roses are like your lips

and you kiss me

and it’s insane

beautiful and wicked

we dance an old dance

and I know you may leave me tommorrow

but I must play with fate

I must take this chance…Image