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The Odd Mr. Tall

I haven’t written in a while about Mr. Tall I guess he is on his way out of my life. He has became some kind of religous fanatic and told me because I am not 100 percent Islamic he can not like me or love me anymore. This is total B.S., but whatever I am done trying to get someone to love me who wants to be mean and hateful to me. People who have lost loved ones not to death but to selfishness would know what I am going through. I was once madly in love with a tall nerdy guy from Algeria. The sun rose and sat on his emails to me. We laughed, we fought , we fought we made up. Even though I am married he loved me and I loved him. Those of you who read my blog know I got to go to Morocco to meet my friend instead of Mr. Tall. Mr. Tall would not “allow” me to visit him. 

Anyway, months have passed and he threw me away again and this time has become someone who goes to the mosque rather than sit down and smile at me. I miss him, but I really want to  go on with my life and stop being ignored I deserve better than being treated like I am nothing to someone who was once my everything.Image


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