I Wore an Abaya to Town

Last Friday when I got the dramatic email from Mr. Tall that because I am not Muslim he can not love me or like me I decided to pull out my very own abaya the islamic dress from my closet. I own one. I wanted to feel close to this religion that I have felt drawn to for a long time. I dressed carefully and left for the mall. People didn’t stare of make me feel strange. I was just a tall woman dressed in back from head to toe. I wondered what Mr. Tall would have thought had he seen me. I came home and hung my dress in the closet. I am so open to other cultures, yet I often get pushed aside as if I am not good enough to be a part of a family or a accepted. I have been married to a Hindu for 18 years and I have dealt with being the American at the table, but I still try and I still try to find my way in this world. I just wanted to share on some of my real life drama.Image


The Odd Mr. Tall

I haven’t written in a while about Mr. Tall I guess he is on his way out of my life. He has became some kind of religous fanatic and told me because I am not 100 percent Islamic he can not like me or love me anymore. This is total B.S., but whatever I am done trying to get someone to love me who wants to be mean and hateful to me. People who have lost loved ones not to death but to selfishness would know what I am going through. I was once madly in love with a tall nerdy guy from Algeria. The sun rose and sat on his emails to me. We laughed, we fought , we fought we made up. Even though I am married he loved me and I loved him. Those of you who read my blog know I got to go to Morocco to meet my friend instead of Mr. Tall. Mr. Tall would not “allow” me to visit him. 

Anyway, months have passed and he threw me away again and this time has become someone who goes to the mosque rather than sit down and smile at me. I miss him, but I really want to  go on with my life and stop being ignored I deserve better than being treated like I am nothing to someone who was once my everything.Image

Welcome to My Psychic Blog

Hi my name is Margo and I would like to welcome you to my psychic blog. I know a lot of you may not believe in Psychic abilities, but did you know we are all born with them? Each one of us has an inner knowing that we often do not trust.

I have always been interested in Psychic abilities and psychic stuff. When I was a little girl I often felt surrounded by angels and was over come with emotion easily. I didn’t know then I was picking up on other’s feelings and carrying around as my own. It was very hard for most of my life  until I began to learn more about empathy and psychic skills.

I began working on a few psychic lines only to hear that I was being “Too nice.” and to try to keep clients on the phone longer so the companies could benefit. It truly upset me because when answers come from Spirit sometimes they come very fast and I was honest even though I need to make money myself. 

I decided to try to work on my own because I can’t cry over another “Boss” telling me to “Just make up something.” 

So here I am and I look forward to talking to you. I am a real person and my motto is I want to be better than a best friend, meaning I really care what you are concerns are.

I look forward to reading with you,