Margo’s Psychic Readings

Hi all,

I would like to welcome you to the part of my blog which has a big part of my heart in it. I have always been highly sensitive and imaginative, I  knew I had psychic gifts early on when I used to get my mom to light a candle and let me stare into it and also I used to use playing cards for fortune cards, I always wanted to know what was coming up next!!

Having called many psychics myself who seemed to just want to tell whatever story that popped up their mind or giving me a gloom and doom reading making me feel worse about myself I decided I could read for others.I always ask God to help me try to help others with their questions. I have very vivid dreams and I can empathize well with others. I really feel this is an important part of my life to use my gift.


My readings are very in depth and Here are some of the readings you can look forward to


5 card tarot reading 10 dollars

10 Card Tarot reading 20 dollars

In depth 3 question psychic reading 10 dollars

In depth 5 question psychic reading 15 dollars

up to 10 questions in depth 20 dollars with 3 free pendulum yes/no questions

Unlimited questions and a free tarot reading 40 dollars


Once payment is recieved in pay pal (is the address) email me your questions at and I can get back to you.


*Psychic readings are for entertainment only and I take no responsibility for your actions after you have a reading for me I can not answer legal or medical questions.


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