What Happened To The Guy With The Surfboard?

He came on to me

and he looked like Justin Timberlake

he called me and texted

and swore he was falling in love

when I would not show him

my birthday suit 

he decided

to fly the coop

it’s really sad

he was cute

with his surfboard and saying

“I’m falling for you…”

I get the lines all the time

it is so sad he could not be mine

what happened to the guy with the surfboard?

Does he miss me too?


I haven’t felt psychic lately

I haven’t felt psychic lately. I don’t know where my “ABILITY” has gone. On the psychic lines I work for no one is really calling which isn’t helping me either.

Ebay, no one is buying readings, I do n’t know where everyone has gone. I haven’t given up my hopes of one day being a psychic. I know if you read books it helps, but being psychic is something they say that you either are or you are not and they also have said (EVERYONE IS!) So, where is my abilities?

I sit with my pendulum and ask away. Lately, I have been frustrated because it says people love me who are being total jerks to me. CAN I TRUST THE PENDULUM? How can it be correct if in real life the people I am asking about are just totally mean to me?

I am needing advice here girls đŸ™‚ Can’t wait to get it ! MargoImage