I didn’t want to write tonight

I didn’t want to write tonight, but here I am heavily loaded with pizza tried to kill the pain I am feeling. I miss Mr. Morrocco the thought of him thinking of me as a “Sin” is hurting so much. Imagine me sitting on facebook talking to his teenager niece who hugged me so sweetly when I was in Morrocco telling me ” Margo you are a sin to him” I deleted my face book, I just don’t want to be there. My eyes hurt . I went through this with Mr. Tall too being dumped. Is it because they are “from that religion, that part of the world” that they can just detach from women like they are nothing? I asked myself again and again why did I go over there, eat with them laugh with them now be told I am a sin for them. I just don’t know I am asking God for help call him what you will. This has been very painful. I loved him more than I thought folks. This is a very painful time so I may keep away from my blog because everyone wants happy go lucky reading. This is true life however, The brown eyed Guy who held me and stared into my eyes in a small kitchen in Morrocco is just “gone.” I am just praying for happiness because I was really believing in law of attraction and trying to be positive trying so hard. M