Welcome to My Psychic Blog

Hi my name is Margo and I would like to welcome you to my psychic blog. I know a lot of you may not believe in Psychic abilities, but did you know we are all born with them? Each one of us has an inner knowing that we often do not trust.

I have always been interested in Psychic abilities and psychic stuff. When I was a little girl I often felt surrounded by angels and was over come with emotion easily. I didn’t know then I was picking up on other’s feelings and carrying around as my own. It was very hard for most of my life  until I began to learn more about empathy and psychic skills.

I began working on a few psychic lines only to hear that I was being “Too nice.” and to try to keep clients on the phone longer so the companies could benefit. It truly upset me because when answers come from Spirit sometimes they come very fast and I was honest even though I need to make money myself. 

I decided to try to work on my own because I can’t cry over another “Boss” telling me to “Just make up something.” 

So here I am and I look forward to talking to you. I am a real person and my motto is I want to be better than a best friend, meaning I really care what you are concerns are.

I look forward to reading with you,



Waiting For Something

So, I am sitting here. I don’t want to wash the dishes, my mind is full of creative ideas from writing a book to saving the world.I have been calling a lot of phone psychics lately. I thought I had broken that habit. I am in doubt. I miss Mr. Morrocco…I will tell you all it is so hard day after day to know I was once told I was loved and went far from home…I will not say how I risked my marriage and all that stuff.

Marriage has been alright. I love being next to my husband at night because I feel safe.My mind though is thinking of kisses and hugs and tumbles on a large bed.

My romantic nature wants to get out.I want to help people who have been hurt, but to do too much of that brings a ton of stress into my system.

I will be more positive today 🙂 I have one more psychic call and I am done for 6 months with that..

I miss giving readings myself.


Another Day in Paradise

Sitting here watching Days of Our Lives, I just finished some chinese noodles and trying to chill. I miss blogging very much. I still don’t know the right way to blog. Should I be personal or fake? That is my question. I also think I will delete my other blogs and just write here. I will break down some stuff into chapters…


1. My Hair- My hair is stressing me out so bad and I am sure the stress is making it worse. I keep looking back to all the times I cut my hair on auto pilot. I read somewhere that impulsive hair cutting could also be looked at as self harm. I don’t know. All I know is I have often cut my hair just to get rid of stress and try to have a new look. It is very short now and dry. I have been wearing a lot of wigs. I love wigs. I don’t care that  even if I had the best hair on this planet I would be out playing with wigs. I have inspired a few other ladies to dress up as well.


2.My love life- Well, my sweet one came back to me, but he does not go overboard in the communication. He doesn’t say I love you so much like he used to. I wish he would and all I can do is pray that if he ever loved me he still does. This may once again sound selfish since I am married. My husband was texting his trainer telling her his minute by minute whereabouts claiming that because he runs late at times he needed her to wait for him to get his money’s worth.I was so upset and we fought for 2 days and of course he threw it up at me that I had gone to Morrocco.

3.Friendships- My friend Kat came and we had such fun on her ten day stay with me. I miss her so bad because I never have anyone to hang out with. We went to five movies, had a few doughnuts, did tarot cards and just had a blast.

4. Me- Well, I am just trying to figure out how to get along in life. I wonder about love if my marriage will be okay. Do I really love my special guy? Do I know what love is..Should I stay with my husband and hope he never acts like a bully again or what ? WIll I make any money? Can I ever finish a book without falling asleep? Everytime I try to write I find myself sleepy as a baby being sung to by its mama.

Do I have to believe a famous Medium?

Is there any hope after a celeb medium tells you that a person you loved doesn’t give a Rat’s ass about you? Ever since I talked to a well known medium I have been upset. A psychic reading should be uplifting not crushing. I wish I never spoke to the medium who told me  someone I loved was a player, never cared, would never come back. I go back and look at photos of his starry eyes staring at me. Can you fake starry eyes? Yes, my marriage is so much better, but since I spoke to this “all knowing and all wise psychic…” It has placed a lot of doubt in my heart.

I welcome comments