Welcome to My Psychic Blog

Hi my name is Margo and I would like to welcome you to my psychic blog. I know a lot of you may not believe in Psychic abilities, but did you know we are all born with them? Each one of us has an inner knowing that we often do not trust.

I have always been interested in Psychic abilities and psychic stuff. When I was a little girl I often felt surrounded by angels and was over come with emotion easily. I didn’t know then I was picking up on other’s feelings and carrying around as my own. It was very hard for most of my life  until I began to learn more about empathy and psychic skills.

I began working on a few psychic lines only to hear that I was being “Too nice.” and to try to keep clients on the phone longer so the companies could benefit. It truly upset me because when answers come from Spirit sometimes they come very fast and I was honest even though I need to make money myself. 

I decided to try to work on my own because I can’t cry over another “Boss” telling me to “Just make up something.” 

So here I am and I look forward to talking to you. I am a real person and my motto is I want to be better than a best friend, meaning I really care what you are concerns are.

I look forward to reading with you,



Pendulum discussions

I made a pendulum and I sit there on the bed asking questions. My questions don’t vary much usually about love.I guess you can’t make a pendulum more exciting. I ordered a new pendulum from ebay. I had a small one and lost it. I want to study more about this as it is fascinating. You are not moving your arm and it starts to swing back and forth it is very exciting to me every time. I guess I am a nerd in this metaphysical stuff but I just get a thrill from so many things in life and maybe that is the way it should be 🙂