People on my facebook often un-friend me because I love to take photos. I love to take photos of me and everything around me. I want to be a superstar. I am not full of myself like some people, I just like to think I looked pretty at that moment. It isn’t all natural. I have to make an effort to take photos. I have to say I deserve this photo. We spend so much of our lives ignoring ourselves. I just decided one day five years ago that I will never be  this way again. I spent most of my life avoiding the camera. I was not a size 2 or a size 14. I have this one tooth that is like a vampire tooth and I would not smile. I was pale and anemic. After my hysterectomy I started gaining some strength and I looked into the mirror those blue gray eyes pleaded with me to realize the beauty of my soul and of my self and I started my photo journey. When I started putting my pics up I had men chase me and I felt like a celeb on a really good day I get compared to Liz Taylor. I have started using photo editor on my Iphone because I get terrible puffiness under my eyes and it makes me feel so bad. I try my best to hide the flaws and focus on the things models would kill for like my cheekbones  thanks to the Cherokees and the sexy lips that rival any porn star’s collagen injected nasty lips …(LOL). I try so hard to get women to think that they can get up and dig out the foundation and start playing around with their clothes and jewelry and feel pretty. If I have made any woman who was put down or ignored stand up for herself then I wasn’t just playing dress up for nothing !


For me, I find I want to talk to men. I never had that attention as a teenager. I was a chubby girl and back in the 80’s that was looked at as almost a defect. I am so glad now that women are told to love themselves. I preach this  myself. LOVE YOU NOW…

Anyway, after my hysterectomy so many things changed. I started to love my body and I began to find myself. I realized I liked to dress up. I realized I loved Glamour and fashion. I looked to my idols Liz and Marilyn and I began to  model for my facebook and the (pen pal site also known as WACKY TOWN). 

I find I need to flirt, but flirting is also born out of insecurity. One would flirt if they were looking for attention and praise which would mean that it was missing from home.

I wish I had a guy who would say “God you are pretty, come here sit on my lap a minute.”


I know you can hear the music playing softly.Image

Why did they go away?

Why did they go away

and leave me

I sit on the sand

the ocean laps at my feet

I pick up a handful of sand 

toss it into the water

I can’t understand why

he left me

how can someone be 

so careless

the water is warm

sand, small rocks and shells

dance over my legs 

then the tide comes and washes

it away again

I miss him

I don’t understand 

the men

that went away

my mind is like the ocean

so vast and I am so afraid

I will sit here alone

and never know

why they left meImage

Kiss the sand

Kiss the sand

pretend I’m there

feel the sun against 

your skin

know my name kiss

the sand but don’t allow it 

on your tongue 

it could choke you 

like a song

sung by jealous 


fire fireflies and dust

kiss the sand

it knows of lust

you don’t know me

I am a gypsy in the rain

you danced with me


when our hearts were the same

kiss the sand

and remember my nameImage


Alas, I have given up trying to win your love

or figure out what went wrong

My sweet husband held me last night

when I had nightmares of a ghost grabbing

at my feet..


I have given up because

you are not worth the 


You are a coward

and I know this now

your words of love

was from a boy’s mouth

and I a woman who sought

too much

Alas, Alas I have

given up…Image

pain of loss

He’s So Popular

He’s so popular

why would he even talk to me

He writes well, he’s cute

he climbs rocks

but would he ever notice me?

I grab my books and hold them against

my chest

will he think I am smart or


He’s handsome and sexy 

and everyone follows his lead

I would say hi but I don’t know 

if he would notice me

The girls they all praise him

and I look down

I am not that shy more like a clown

I wish He would pass me a note

I feel like floating

but he would think it’s a joke

he’s so popular and sexy cute

I wish he would look at me

and think so too 🙂

I hate the quiet with so many words


but I can’t say much 

I can only hang around…Image

Maybe you are a bad guy

Maybe your a bad guy

and I’m just out for hurt 

maybe I am wrong to ivestigate

to find out more about you

when I could just be asking for trouble

what if I find a love note

or a shocking photo on file

maybe you don’t like me

maybe you’re not worth my 


maybe you are a bad guy

who likes all kinds of girls…

I don’t wanna think about it

I just wanna go to sleep

sick of looking online for an 

email or a tweet

I just wanna close my eyes

and think about something else

maybe you are a bad guy

and you already left…



I don’t even know your last name

I don’t even know your last name

I can’t look you up on google

I can’t find you when I dial 411

if you never wanted me to find you

I guess I never could do


baby I only know your name

what you say that you go by

and I go by looking at the guys

walking down the street and I wonder

if I could ever meet someone like you

and I only spoke to you for a minute or two

you never promised me anything out of the blue

I don’t know where you grew up up

or what you dream of..
I don’t even know your last name

and aint it a shame cause

tonight I’m missing you..

and I can’t even google where you are

or what you do,

I only know that I miss you

and I hope you someday

I can get to know you a little better

than this

cause I have to trust you that you

meant what you said

those few minutes talked

and I haven’t forgot you……






Who are you?

Who are you that sends me texts

we met on a site that boasts

adult topics

you told me to text you if I was lonely

We texted for 3 days

and I was over come with guilt and worry

I told you to stop

But all day I have searched

for your words

and there have been none

How can I miss a stranger?

WHy would I miss a stranger?

It could be dangerous and foolish

but I miss you

Who are you ?
WIll I ever know?