People on my facebook often un-friend me because I love to take photos. I love to take photos of me and everything around me. I want to be a superstar. I am not full of myself like some people, I just like to think I looked pretty at that moment. It isn’t all natural. I have to make an effort to take photos. I have to say I deserve this photo. We spend so much of our lives ignoring ourselves. I just decided one day five years ago that I will never be  this way again. I spent most of my life avoiding the camera. I was not a size 2 or a size 14. I have this one tooth that is like a vampire tooth and I would not smile. I was pale and anemic. After my hysterectomy I started gaining some strength and I looked into the mirror those blue gray eyes pleaded with me to realize the beauty of my soul and of my self and I started my photo journey. When I started putting my pics up I had men chase me and I felt like a celeb on a really good day I get compared to Liz Taylor. I have started using photo editor on my Iphone because I get terrible puffiness under my eyes and it makes me feel so bad. I try my best to hide the flaws and focus on the things models would kill for like my cheekbones  thanks to the Cherokees and the sexy lips that rival any porn star’s collagen injected nasty lips …(LOL). I try so hard to get women to think that they can get up and dig out the foundation and start playing around with their clothes and jewelry and feel pretty. If I have made any woman who was put down or ignored stand up for herself then I wasn’t just playing dress up for nothing !


Welcome To My Blog I am totally real

Sit down have some cheesecake. I want to welcome some of the new members who have joined my blog. I don’t know how many of you actually read me. I am often curious who you are and would love to hear from you. I have noticed that some new members have come along and I want to welcome you to my life. I am a real girl (yes a girl at 40) still with hopes and dreams. I want you to know I am a sensitive person and I hope you won’t judge me too harshly for falling in love and wandering a long life’s dusty roads. I come to my blog as a place of solace so I beg you if you are one of those people who want to condemn me for the love I have had in my heart for people who have came and left me please don’t make me cry and give me speeches. I am so open and so honest that many would call me a foolish romantic. I send you much love,


Back in the Saddle

I thought for a while I would let this place just rot and go away.I still wonder if I will delete posts about my kids it seems unfair anyone would blog about their life, should we all just be fiction writers? I am so tired this is such a theme for my life. I had very vivid dreams last night but can’t remember them now.I have to take Bub to Walmart he is on the phone with our granny who is 92 and complaining about the fact she hasn’t yet got her Mother’s day card, he always has big conspiracy ideas and says her mail must be sent to one of our cousin’s he doesn’t like. I have to go upstairs and sweep the floor my youngest wanted a “bob” haircut she had hair halfway down her back, I hated to cut it, especially me with such crap hair.But I did and I curled it with a curling iron. She looked so cute. My middle one said that on her field trip to Philadelphia, she started crying at the grave yard where Ben Franklin was buried. I asked her why she said he was buried with his children.She is sensitive for sure, but refused to give more details. My Hubby came home last night very exhausted. I was very worried about him. He said he had not eaten all day and had some beers. I tried to heal him pressing my hands dramatically on his body then I tired of that and turned over and went to sleep.Mr. Morrocco was very sweet to me last night he was whispering “I love you.” I don’t know what to do. I hate this crap, I wish I could get over my husband telling me I was a terrible mother that time he went into his wild rant over money. I can’t forget it.Life with mom and Bub is stressful at times, Bub talks 24/7. Mom is quiet except for when she yells at Bub to get her the dirty laundry or to “Get up!!!” I feel so strange. I am such an observer. One of my rings was caught on my finger I had to yank it off with the help of some old gingerbread scented lotion. The one psychic line is pure negative I have had 2 weirdos call  me this week one claimed he was 18 and watches his boss undress that he is a horny babysitter, I told him I couldn’t help him and I hung up. I was so afraid I would get fired, then a guy called yesterday and claimed his name was Groover and that he can’t get a girlfriend he sounds like a sicko deep breather from the 1970’s. Give me the “He ran off” girls anyday….I can relate to them all too well.