I feel alone

I have dreams that

I am looking for you

and you don’t come to me

I can see your face

but you are no where around

I don’t know about anything

this emptiness is more

present than you are

You come and look at me

from time to  time

please talk

like you used to

My eyes are burning

and I want to cry

because I remember 

the words

“I love you”

They were so beautiful

I wish you still love


I miss you

and I feel all aloneImage


Rich boy sits in his room

he looks at me on the screen

he has ideas in his head about

what he could see and I say no

he tells me that I will never see him


I don’t shudder

It hurts though because for

four days he has been

texting me and saying

he misses me

I take a deep breath

I am about to be deleted

because the rich boy 

has tired of me..Image

I wrote a poem today about a surfer boy I met on Interpals. God it is so bad of me…I have to admit I love attention. I have Maryilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor in my soul. I can not just wash dishes and be happy. Long story short Surfer boy told me I was beautiful and that he was falling in love. I knew this was B.S. but I figured I would see how many days this would last.It ended today when I refused to show him my bubble gum and candy corn. 

“Baby, if you love me you would show me what I want..” He pouted. I told him “NO.” and of course that was the end of another potential saga 🙂

I found myself crying regardless. I don’t like being tossed. I am so honest folks that I am sure some of you reading me are like “Hmmm…”

Many house wives crave passion, admiration. So I was dumped by Surfer stud but for 3 days I was in his mind at least..

Another Margo story…Image


Alas, I have given up trying to win your love

or figure out what went wrong

My sweet husband held me last night

when I had nightmares of a ghost grabbing

at my feet..


I have given up because

you are not worth the 


You are a coward

and I know this now

your words of love

was from a boy’s mouth

and I a woman who sought

too much

Alas, Alas I have

given up…Image

pain of loss

I deleted Mr. Tall and I want to talk about that

Maybe I was never friends with Moody maybe he just talked to me to pass time. I thought when I came back from Morrocco he had changed and that he was interested in friendship again. Sometimes, I thought he loved me. My friends said he loved me. He was mean to me. Every time I tried to talk to him he was rude going on about his girlfriend and he would never talk to me like a friend. I deleted him from Face book, I couldn’t stand the negativity any more. It breaks my heart that someone who I used to love could be so cold and mean to me. I am a pretty person, I am a good person and I was tired of him making me feel like *SHIT I have to use that word.


It seems as if he’s gone

It seems as if he’s gone

he ran off

and I am still confused

Why did I go see him

what was it all for

it seems as if it was a dream

Today I might delete my photos

from Morrocco 

why save them he is gone

he wants nothing to do with me

My husband wins me yet again

but I am not a prize

I was a woman who was hurting

My husband had cursed me

with words of course he apoligized

but I whispered in the ear 

of another guy

and now he acts as if I don’t exsist

the American woman with 3 kids

he never comes to say hello

and I can’t take it anymore

I want to erase him from my mind

and erase him from my life

just as he has done with me

I bet he runs to the mosque

begging for forgiveness

never caring about the love he lost

I can’t take it anymore

I don’t love him like before

it seems as if he’s gone

and I don’t care

I should have never went over thereImage

I gave Mr. Tall Poetry starring HIM

Last night I cut and pasted most of my poems on Interpals because the Hacker has deleted 100 of my 800 poems. Interpals has been no help at all to help me keep someone out of my page I  truly feel violated and hurt. I decided to cut and paste all my poems and the ones about Mr. Tall (which sadly, are a big percentage) I sent to him. I have heard nothing from him today.If someone wrote beautiful poems about me I would cry out of a feeling of “ah” but, not him not a word and not a peep. I don’t want to talk much about him today because he has a big ego as is, but as I looked back at the poetry we always had a short time of peace between each other. I want him to be my friend again. I wish he would stop being mean to me, the other day he told me to grow the F up. I told him to stop acting like Moses.I don’t even care anymore if he likes me. I used to follow him around like a puppy we had so much in common and he loved being with me.We were in love I guess as much as an Internet couple could be. He was jealous of my husband and I loved that. He was my best friend.WAS I hate that word.I might have outgrew my once beloved because I found other things to make me happy. I miss him sometimes though and he knows it and if he reads it, oh well ….



Do you read me

this poem is for you

you read so fast

as you walk through

you have soft eyes

and a gentle smile

so these words are for you

take a minute

and say hello there

is hot tea here for you

see the table with the roses 

a cup of tea

sits there since noon

Subhan you are are

a whisper on the wind

a touch of summer dew….

Subhan where are you going

in your rush of the day

someone has made tea for you

now you must stay

and drink

tell about your travels

and about your life

too there is tea here

for you 

sit and drink

I will listen if you want me to.Image

Nosy People

Nosy people don’t know you

They ignore you most of the time

They try to act all knowing

when all they do is waste your time

They send you messages

and say “You need to fix your life”

and you feel as if you were invaded

and they just don’t have it right

They don’t even know you

with their books in hand

they come from some kind of


wanting to invade your land

they say they are your friend

but you don’t think so

why do these nosey people have

to come around

They just should 

GO !Image

I want to Know

I want to know a tender kiss
I want to know yearning
I want to not be scolded like a child
I want to know the need to be held for a while
I want to hold someone and not be afraid to laugh
I want to kiss and I want to make it last
I want to know satin sheets
and cotton blankets
and no clothes at all
I want to know this before there
is no heart beat in me at all
I want to trust
its been so long for that
and I want to totally love someone
and he love me back
I really want to know.Image