I Wore an Abaya to Town

Last Friday when I got the dramatic email from Mr. Tall that because I am not Muslim he can not love me or like me I decided to pull out my very own abaya the islamic dress from my closet. I own one. I wanted to feel close to this religion that I have felt drawn to for a long time. I dressed carefully and left for the mall. People didn’t stare of make me feel strange. I was just a tall woman dressed in back from head to toe. I wondered what Mr. Tall would have thought had he seen me. I came home and hung my dress in the closet. I am so open to other cultures, yet I often get pushed aside as if I am not good enough to be a part of a family or a accepted. I have been married to a Hindu for 18 years and I have dealt with being the American at the table, but I still try and I still try to find my way in this world. I just wanted to share on some of my real life drama.Image


If you changed religions could you give up your psychic interests?

The other day I really wanted to change religions. I wanted to convert to Islam because I have always been interested in that religion. I read they “DON’T ALLOW” such things as fortune telling etc. I thought to myself I would be unhappy if I couldn’t read tarot cards or daydream about the future and giggle over the phone giving psychic readings for my friends.What are your ideas on this ? MargoImagep