Has Erotic Lit gone too mainstream?

I have always had a bit of a dirty mind. I am a scorpio. My mom was constantly shocked at my wanting to know more and more about the birds and the bees since I was a baby. I am not going to name any books in particular, because who knows I may write one one day. I just want to talk ¬†about how I don’t like to see these books all over the place with covers boasting “handcuffs and ropes.” I believe that yes, to a point the public who craves erotica should have it..but whatever happened to just oredering these books that make you blush from special places? I don’t like that these books can fall into the hands of a nine year old who sees the word “COCK” (BLUSH) for the first time then searches to find out what one is, what it looks like, how it works etc! It upsets me as a mom to see these books in the aisles of the stores we shop at. The author’s are being celebrated when in the old days they would have been burned at the stake. (BLUSH) I don’t know why I am blushing. Anyway, I want to say that yes…there is a market for these books and it is great that one author in particular is now mega rich and can fly to places I want to go myself, but really folks do we have to have these books within the reach of our children and teenagers.Imagine a teenager getting her hands on these books and goes outside and buys herself some whips and chains…LOL.