Every morning I wake up with extreme back pain.I have been to chiropractors but that didn’t help. I guess if a miracle happened and I lost a ton of weight maybe that would help. I have seen skinny people too in a lot of pain with their backs. I will have to research. But it hurts and puts me in a bad mood. Back ache keeps  you from doing what you want. It is a devil. You want to play, you want to bend down and pick up toys but it hurts. You avoid so many things because the pain is biting you. I worry because my mom who is 65 has had trouble the last 20 years being stiff and everyone always saying she was too young to be in such a state. I feel that I will head that direction if I don’t find some solutions.

If you have back ache how do you deal with it?

What has helped you most?




Last night as I was going to sleep I noticed I had a text message from Surfer Boy.

“Baby I miss you come to skype.” My heart sank because everyone knows what he wanted. He wanted to look at me and tell me how much he wanted me and blah blah.

So, I told him no. I went to sleep and had dreams about Mr. Morrocco instead. That I tried so hard to get to him. That I couldn’t reach him to tell him I was coming there. It is very upsetting,but back to surfer boy…

I like him. He is very cute and if I was single and could run around the world I would go kiss him quick and run away. Life is strange. I know he is a play boy though, but I just don’t feel like playing games. It is so boring. I crave romance. I am thinking right now one day my husband will get into my blog. Maybe my blog should be more fiction than reality what do you all think?


Rich boy sits in his room

he looks at me on the screen

he has ideas in his head about

what he could see and I say no

he tells me that I will never see him


I don’t shudder

It hurts though because for

four days he has been

texting me and saying

he misses me

I take a deep breath

I am about to be deleted

because the rich boy 

has tired of me..Image

For me, I find I want to talk to men. I never had that attention as a teenager. I was a chubby girl and back in the 80’s that was looked at as almost a defect. I am so glad now that women are told to love themselves. I preach this  myself. LOVE YOU NOW…

Anyway, after my hysterectomy so many things changed. I started to love my body and I began to find myself. I realized I liked to dress up. I realized I loved Glamour and fashion. I looked to my idols Liz and Marilyn and I began to  model for my facebook and the (pen pal site also known as WACKY TOWN). 

I find I need to flirt, but flirting is also born out of insecurity. One would flirt if they were looking for attention and praise which would mean that it was missing from home.

I wish I had a guy who would say “God you are pretty, come here sit on my lap a minute.”


I know you can hear the music playing softly.Image

I wrote a poem today about a surfer boy I met on Interpals. God it is so bad of me…I have to admit I love attention. I have Maryilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor in my soul. I can not just wash dishes and be happy. Long story short Surfer boy told me I was beautiful and that he was falling in love. I knew this was B.S. but I figured I would see how many days this would last.It ended today when I refused to show him my bubble gum and candy corn. 

“Baby, if you love me you would show me what I want..” He pouted. I told him “NO.” and of course that was the end of another potential saga 🙂

I found myself crying regardless. I don’t like being tossed. I am so honest folks that I am sure some of you reading me are like “Hmmm…”

Many house wives crave passion, admiration. So I was dumped by Surfer stud but for 3 days I was in his mind at least..

Another Margo story…Image


You are a guy that carries a surfboard


and girls chase you


I run from you because


you talk about sensual things


I want you to hold my hand


I want you to know love


It is wrong to even ask because


it is almost absurd


When you speak my face





I know I can’t have you







but I imagine your




SO I just had to ask


could you?

I really want to be rich, I will put that out to the universe.I want a job from home. I never have been able to be bossed around. I felt constricted. I tried doing retail and ended up having panic attacks. I want my own psychic job and also sell jewelry. I want to make people feel better. I want to travel. I am going to make a vision board today. I have to dig through the closets and try to find stuff to sell on e bay I want to go back to morrocco. I want to travel. 

No more psychic readings for me

I have decided to stop getting psychic readings and probably stop giving them too because of stress. When I am in great worry about life, I may call up a psychic and then another because the first one made me uneasy. Then the second  one made me feel even worse. There is no need to wreck my day because someone with ” Great insight” tells me that the guy I like will always run away from me.So, I vowed to myself just to pray a lot now. I love the money of being a phone psychic and I miss the job. I just don’t think I can be a sponge anymore to people’s feelings and fears. When I listen to another’s pain it goes right in me.

All my life I wanted to know the future or read minds, I wanted to be a mystic. Now I think I just want to go back to being me.


Waiting For Something

So, I am sitting here. I don’t want to wash the dishes, my mind is full of creative ideas from writing a book to saving the world.I have been calling a lot of phone psychics lately. I thought I had broken that habit. I am in doubt. I miss Mr. Morrocco…I will tell you all it is so hard day after day to know I was once told I was loved and went far from home…I will not say how I risked my marriage and all that stuff.

Marriage has been alright. I love being next to my husband at night because I feel safe.My mind though is thinking of kisses and hugs and tumbles on a large bed.

My romantic nature wants to get out.I want to help people who have been hurt, but to do too much of that brings a ton of stress into my system.

I will be more positive today 🙂 I have one more psychic call and I am done for 6 months with that..

I miss giving readings myself.



I would like to sit here and write something that would totally make your day. Lift your spirits and just make you think “God Margo is cool.” I had a lot of thoughts come into my head this morning. I want to write a book so bad so I have to get on that. I want to keep blogging and inspire people. I shall do my best to try to do these things and I want today to be better than yesterday (Yesterday was a real sucker!)