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Last night as I was going to sleep I noticed I had a text message from Surfer Boy.

“Baby I miss you come to skype.” My heart sank because everyone knows what he wanted. He wanted to look at me and tell me how much he wanted me and blah blah.

So, I told him no. I went to sleep and had dreams about Mr. Morrocco instead. That I tried so hard to get to him. That I couldn’t reach him to tell him I was coming there. It is very upsetting,but back to surfer boy…

I like him. He is very cute and if I was single and could run around the world I would go kiss him quick and run away. Life is strange. I know he is a play boy though, but I just don’t feel like playing games. It is so boring. I crave romance. I am thinking right now one day my husband will get into my blog. Maybe my blog should be more fiction than reality what do you all think?



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